Mirco Tribastone

I am Full Professor of Computer Science within the SysMA research unit of IMT Lucca, where I also serve as well as Director's Delegate for Education and Information Systems. Prior to joining IMT Lucca I was Associate Professor at the School of Electronics and Computer Science of Southampton University, United Kingdom, and Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessur) at the Institute for Informatics of the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich, Germany.

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2010. I graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Catania.


I am interested in the quantitative modeling and analysis of concurrent and distributed systems using mathematical tools such as stochastic processes (in particular Markov chains) and differential equations, as well as higher-level formalisms such as process algebra and queueing networks. A major general theme of my research is to develop effective techniques for the analysis of large-scale models where massive amounts of entities are involved.

Lately I have focused on two main streams of research:

Selected Publications

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Professional Service

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Software Tools

I am involved in the design and implementation of the following software tools:

  • DiffLQN, a tool for the differential-equation analysis of layered queuing networks.
  • ERODE, a tool for the evaluation and reduction of ordinary differential equtions.
  • The PEPA Eclipse plug-in, supporting static, Markovian, and differential-equation analysis for models written in the process algebra PEPA.

Research Projects

I am or have been involved as Principal Investigator in the following projects:


Current PhD students
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