Final Program

Day 1 - April 3, 2007

SESSION A1 (Chair: Ian Mitchell)
Foundations of a Compositional Interchange Format for Hybrid Systems
D.A. Van Beek, M.A. Reniers, R.R.H. Schiffelers and J.E. Rooda
Minimalilty of Finite Automata Representation in Hybrid Systems Control
Koichi Kobayashi and Jun-ichi Imura
Motion Programs for Puppet Choreography and Control
Magnus Egerstedt, Todd Murphey and Jon Ludwig
9.50 10.15
Modeling and Optimal Control of Hybrid Rigidbody Mechanical Systems
Kerim Yunt and Christoph Glocker
10.15 10.40


SESSION A2 (Chair: Magnus Egerstedt )
Input-to-state stability of discontinuous dynamical systems with an observer-based control application
Maurice Heemels, Siep Weiland and Aleksandar Juloski
11.00 11.25
Metrics and Topology for Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems
Mihaly Petreczky and Rene Vidal
11.25 11.50
Minimum Time for a Hybrid System with Thermostatic Switchings
Fabio Bagagiolo
11 50 12.15
Impulse Differential Inclusions Driven by Discrete Measures
John Lygeros, Marc Quincampoix and Tadeusz Rzezuchowski
12.15 12.40


SESSION A3 (Chair: Jen Davoren)
Robust Test Generation and Coverage for Hybrid Systems
Agung Julius, Georgios Fainekos, Madhukar Anand, Insup Lee and George Pappas
14.00 14.25
Reachability for Linear Hybrid Automata Using Iterative Relaxation Abstraction
Sumit Jha, Bruce Krogh, James Weimer and Edmund Clarke
14.25 14.50
The Image Computation Problem in Hybrid Systems Model Checking
André Platzer and Edmund M. Clarke
14.50 15.15
CEGAR Based Bounded Model Checking of Discrete Time Hybrid Systems
Federico Mari and Enrico Tronci
15.15 15.40


SESSION A4 (Chair: Claire Tomlin)
Safety verification of an aircraft landing protocol: a refinement approach
Shinya Umeno and Nancy Lynch
16.00 16.25
Comparing Forward and Backward Reachability as Tools for Safety Analysis
Ian M. Mitchell
16.25 16.50
MARCO: A Reachability Algorithm for Multi-Affine Systems with Applications to Biological Systems
Spring Berman, Adam Halasz and Vijay Kumar
16.50 17.15
Computational Approaches to Reachability Analysis of Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Alessandro Abate, Saurabh Amin, Maria Prandini, John Lygeros and Shankar Sastry
17.15 17.40


Day 2 - April 4, 2007

SESSION A5 (Chair: Paulo Tabuada)
Groupoids in control systems and the reachability problem for a class of quantized control systems with nonabelian symmetries
Alessandro Arsie and Emilio Frazzoli
Hierarchical Synthesis of Hybrid Controllers from Temporal Logic Specifications
Georgios E. Fainekos, Antoine Girard and George J. Pappas
Symbolic Analysis for GSMP Models with One Stateful Clock
Mikhail Bernadsky and Rajeev Alur
9.50 10.15
Solving Coverage Problems with Embedded Graph Grammars
John-Michael McNew, Eric Klavins and Magnus Egerstedt
10.15 10.40


SESSION A6 (Chair: Emilio Frazzoli)
Systematic Simulation Using Sensitivity Analysis
Alexandre Donze and Oded Maler
11.00 11.25
Approximately Bisimilar Finite Abstractions of Stable Linear Systems
Antoine Girard
11.25 11.50
Approximate simulation relations and finite abstractions of quantized control systems
Paulo Tabuada
11 50 12.15
On simulations and bisimulations of general flow systems
J.M. Davoren and Paulo Tabuada
12.15 12.40


SESSION A7 (Chair: Anton Cervin)
Feedback Scheduling for Pipelines of Tasks
Tommaso Cucinotta and Luigi Palopoli
17.00 17.25
Automata Based Interfaces for Control and Scheduling
Gera Weiss and Rajeev Alur
17.25 17.50
Rate Admission Control for Hard Real-Time Task Scheduling
Vladimiro Vacca, Francesco Vasca and Luigi Iannelli
17.50 18.15
Coupling from the past in hybrid models for file sharing peer to peer systems
Bruno Gaujal and Florence Perronnin
18.15 18.40


Day 3 - April 5, 2007

SESSION A8 (Chair: Maurice Heemels)
Finite state controllers for stabilizing switched systems with binary sensors
Danielle Tarraf, Alexandre Megretski and Munther Dahleh
9 .25
Stabilization of Limit Cycles of Discretely Controlled Continuous Systems by Controlling Switching Surfaces
Axel Schild and Jan Lunze
Robust, Optimal Predictive Control of Jump Markov Linear Systems using Particles
Lars Blackmore, Askar Bektassov, Masahiro Ono and Brian Williams
9.50 10.15
Ant colony and genetic algorithm for constrained predictive control of power systems
Guillaume Sandou and Sorin Olaru
10.15 10.40


SESSION A9 (Chair: Ali Jadbabaie)
Optimal switching of 1-DOF oscillating systems
Paolo Bolzern, Patrizio Colaneri and Jose' Claudio Geromel
11.00 11.25
Complexity reduction for the design of interacting controllers
Andrea Balluchi, Emanuele Mazzi and Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli
11.25 11.50
On Self-Triggered Full Information H-infinity Controllers
Michael Lemmon, Thidapat Chantem, Xiaobo Sharon Hu and Matthew Zyskowski
11 50 12.15
A Partial Order Approach to Discrete Dynamic Feedback in a Class of Hybrid Systems
Domitilla Del Vecchio
12.15 12.40


SESSION A10 (Chair: Antoine Girard)
A Stochastic Framework for Hybrid System Identification and Application to Neurophysiological Systems
Nicolas Hudson and Joel Burdick
15.00 15.25
Model Checking Genetic Regulatory Networks with Parameter Uncertainty
Grégory Batt, Calin Belta and Ron Weiss
15.25 15.50
Hybrid Control and Verification of a Pulsed Welding Process
Jesper A. Larsen, Rafael Wisniewski and Roozbeh Izadi-Zamanabadi
15.50 16.15
Price-based Optimal Control of Power Flow in Electrical Energy Transmission Networks
Andrej Jokic, Mircea Lazar and Paul P. J. van den Bosch
16.15 16.40


SESSION A11 (Chair: Calin Belta)
A New Hybrid State Estimator for Systems with Limited Mode Changes
Kaushik Roy and Claire Tomlin
17.00 17.25
Learning Cycle-Linear Hybrid Automata for Excitable Cells
Radu Grosu, Sayan Mitra, Pei Ye, Emilia Entcheva, I.V. Ramakrishnan and Scott A. Smolka
17.25 17.50
Sporadic Control of First-Order Linear Stochastic Systems
Erik Johannesson, Toivo Henningsson and Anton Cervin
17.50 18.15
Approximation of the joint spectral radius of a set of matrices using sum of squares
Pablo Parrilo and Ali Jadbabaie
18.15 18.40


Poster Presentations and Tool Demonstrations

Fault Accommodation for Hybrid Systems with Continuous and Discrete Faults
Hao Yang, Bin Jiang and Vincent Cocquempot
Toward Flexible Scheduling of Real-Time Control Tasks: Reviewing Basic Control Models
Pau Martí and Manel Velasco
Piecewise Constant Feedback Control of Piecewise Affine Gene Network Models
Etienne Farcot and Jean-Luc Gouzé
Optimal Switches in Multi-Inventory Systems
Dario Bauso
Hybrid Estimation for Stochastic Piecewise Linear Systems Chze Eng Seah and Inseok Hwang
On Bicontinuous Bisimulation and the Preservation of Stability
Pieter Cuijpers
Guided Randomized Simulation
Tarik Nahhal and Thao Dang
Parameters Controller Selection through Bifurcation Analysis in a Piecewise-smooth System
Eva M. Navarro-Lopez and Domingo Cortes
A hybrid control model for subliminal air traffic control
Eva Cruck and John Lygeros
Switching-based Lyapunov Function and the Stabilization of a Class of Non-Holonomic Systems
Daniele Casagrande, Alessandro Astolfi and Thomas Parisini
A method for the design of optimal switching surfaces for autonomous hybrid systems
Mauro Boccadoro, Paolo Valigi and Yorai Wardi
On-Line Optimization of Switched-Mode Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Yorai Wardi, Xu-Chu Ding and Shun-ichi Azuma
Viability-based computations of solutions to the Moskowitz Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation
Alexandre Bayen, Christian Claudel and Patrick Saint-Pierre
A heuristic predictive logic controller applied to hybrid solar air conditioning plant
Darine Zambrano, Winston García-Gabín and Eduardo F. Camacho
A Sound and Complete Proof Rule for Region Stability of Hybrid Systems
Andreas Podelski and Silke Wagner
The Concept of Deadlock and Livelock in Hybrid Control Systems
Alessandro Abate, Alessandro D'Innocenzo, Giordano Pola, Maria Domenica Di Benedetto and Shankar Sastry
Differential Logic for Reasoning about Hybrid Systems
André Platzer
Invertibility and Flatness of Switched Linear Discrete-time Systems
Gilles Millerioux and Jamal Daafouz
Switch Detection in Genetic Regulatory Networks
Riccardo Porreca, Giancarlo Ferrari-Trecate, Daniela Chieppi, Lalo Magni and Olivier Bernard
A Hybrid Bellman Equation for Bimodal Systems
Peter Caines, Magnus Egerstedt and Roland Malhame
Safety Analysis of Sugar Cataract Development Using Stochastic Hybrid Systems
Derek Riley, Xenofon Koutsoukos and Kasandra Riley
Necessary Optimality Conditions for a Class of Hybrid Optimal Control Problems
Vadim Azhmyakov, Sid Ahmed Attia, Dmitry Gromov and Joerg Raisch
Computation in one-dimensional piecewise maps
Oleksiy Kurganskyy, Igor Potapov and Fernando Sancho Caparrini
Composing Semi-Algebraic O-Minimal Automata
Alberto Casagrande, Pietro Corvaja, Carla Piazza and Bud Mishra
Qualitative Analysis of Nonlinear Biochemical Networks with Piecewise-Affine Functions
Mark Musters, Hidde de Jong, Paul van den Bosch and Natal van Riel
Fully Automated Stability Verification for Piecewise Affine Systems
Jens Oehlerking, Henning Burchardt and Oliver Theel
Networks of Hybrid Systems: Connections Faults Modelling and Detection
Marta Capiluppi and Manfred Morari
Efficient Simulation of Component-Based Hybrid Models Represented as Hybrid Bond Graphs
Matthew Daigle, Indranil Roychoudhury, Gautam Biswas and Xenofon Koutsoukos
Diagnosability verification for hybrid automata
Maria Domenica Di Benedetto, Stefano Di Gennaro and Alessandro D'Innocenzo
Case Studies in Event-Driven Control
J.H. Sandee, W.P.M.H. Heemels and P.P.J. v.d. Bosch
Composition of Dynamical Systems for Estimation of Human Body Dynamics
Sumitra Ganesh, Aaron Ames and Ruzena Bajcsy
Distributed Hybrid Control for Multiple-Pursuer Multiple-Evader Games
Michael M. Zavlanos and George J. Pappas
From Consensus in Switching Graphs to Coverage in Switching Simplicial Complexes
Abubakr Muhammad and Ali Jadbabaie
State nullification of switched systems by linear output feedback
Gera Weiss
Trace-based Semantics for Probabilistic Timed I/O Automata Sayan Mitra and Nancy Lynch
Reachability Analysis of a Switched Buffer Network
Goran Frehse and Oded Maler
Reachability Algorithm for a Class of Biologically Piecewise-Affine Hybrid Systems
Anil Aswani and Claire Tomlin
Hybrid models for biochemical reaction networks: The case of lac operon in E. Coli
Marcello Farina and Maria Prandini
A Controller Design Method under Infrequent, Asynchronous Sensing
Fumin Zhang and Naomi Ehrich Leonard
Static Analysis of Embedded Programs with Continuous I/O
Olivier Bouissou and Matthieu Martel
Intersecting High Order Zonotopes with a Hyperplane
Colas Le Guernic
A distributed consensus protocol for clock synchronization in WSN
Luca Schenato and Giovanni Gamba
Analyzing Large-scale Hybrid Systems by Optimization: A Case Study from the Process Industries
Anna Völker, Christian Sonntag, Sven Lohmann and Sebastian Engell
Tools for Hybrid Control Design
Alessandro Alessio and Stefano Di Cairano
Decentralized Intrusion Detection in
Cooperative Multi-Agent Systems

Adriano Fagiolini, Lucia Pallottino and Gianluca Dini


Tool Demos
PWAID: A toolbox for identification of piecewise affine and hybrid models
Jacob Roll and Simone Paoletti
Multi-Parametric Toolbox 2.6.2
M. Kvasnica, P. Grieder, M. Baotić, M. Morari, M. Barić, F. Borrelli, F. Christophersen, G. Ferrari-Trecate, T. Geyer, C. Jones, A. Kurzhanskiy, J. Löfberg, F. Torrisi