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De Nicola's research aims at understanding the foundations of distributed computing and at applying the formal techniques based on these foundational studies to the development and the analysis of concurrent distributed systems. Current research concentrates on Network Aware Programming, Global Computing, Service Oriented Computing and Systems Security. De Nicola is the author of over 100 publications in international refereed journals and conference proceedings, and has been invited speaker or lecturer for many international conferences or schools. An outcome of this research is TAPAs, a Tool for the Analysis of Process Algebras, supporting (teaching of) specification and verification of concurrent systems. De Nicola has also contributed to KLAIM, a Kernel Language for Agents interaction and Mobility.
De Nicola has been honoured with the title of "Commendatore Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana."
USA Patent 6751619 (with A. Rowstrom): Methods and apparatus for tuple management in data processing systems.
De Nicola is in the ISI-Thomson list of highly cited researchers.
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