Steam Generator Water Level Control Problem

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We consider the steam generator water level control problem as a benchmark for hybrid control techniques. The plant is a time-varying system with dynamics that change slowly as the internal power changes. The physics of the plant exhibit an inverse response behavior as well as an unstable open loop response. The problem is even more critical at low power, as the inverse phenomenon is emphasized and flow-rate measurement is no longer reliable. Therefore, sensor redundancy is used along with estimates based on auxiliary measurement. The aim is to design a hybrid controller that optimizes the sensor or estimate selection and defines a control strategy to maintain the water level within allowable limits.

VERSION 1.0 - May 2002
This benchmark has been developed by EDF R&D for the CC European Project and permission to use is granted only to the CC projet contributors. Any other use is prohibited without prior written notice to EDF R&D. Please send email to and for first contact.

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